In the event of an emergency, press the button

Jeudi 19 février 2015 par Vitisphere

Champagne: in the event of an emergency, press the button

In the world of Pernod Ricard, there is little difference between a red sash – as seen on its Cordon Rouge Champagnes – and a red button. Well, in Australia at least, where G.H. Mumm, the company behind the brand, is offering consumers in Melbourne and Sydney the chance to download a smartphone app allowing them to take urgent delivery of one of its Champagnes (including the famous Cordon Rouge). Called ‘Press for Champagne’, the app comes in the form of a touch-screen button (similar to those in leading hotels, see illustration) which, once activated, contacts a delivery company which arrives at the client’s home in half an hour with a bottle of Champagne. The service is sure to find mass appeal on Saint Valentine’s day.


Founded in 1827, G.H. Mumm is the world’s third-largest Champagne brand, now part of the Pernod Ricard wine and spirits group. As part of its public relations and marketing strategy, the group has promoted the use of apps for a number of years: in 2012, G.H. Mumm designed an app for people to learn about the art of tasting and serving Champagne, for instance. Its sensible drinking campaign also uses the same medium. Released in May 2014, ‘Wise Drinking’ allows people to order a taxi using the app. The ‘Press for Champagne’ app, which can only be accessed by people over 17, was developed with Liquor Run, a wine and spirits delivery firm in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.


[Source: Vitisphère; Photo: Screenshot of the Press for Champagne app (Pernod Ricard)]

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