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Roussillon hosts the Grenaches du Monde competition

Mardi 17 février 2015 par Vitisphere

Varietal wines: Roussillon hosts the Grenaches du Monde competition

It is ironic that just after Decanter published an article disparaging Roussillon wines, some of the world’s leading wine tasters – 80 in all - gathered in the region for the third Grenaches du Monde competition organised by the Roussillon wine marketing board CIVR. Since the maiden event in 2013, the number of entries has risen constantly and reached 487 this year. Samples were shipped from Roussillon, of course, but also from Aragon in Spain, Sardinia, Australia and South Africa, for example. The organisers are already setting their sights on a new record next year.


The next stage is to secure greater global exposure for the competition via the ‘Grenache group’. During his welcome speech to judges, Fabrice Rieu, CIVR chairman, thus referred to the growing international interest around the event: “We have launched a ‘Grenache movement’ and what makes us particularly happy is the unconditional support of a number of regions and their huge motivation… Aragon with Campo de Borja, Catalonia with Terra Alta and Italy with Sardinia have asked to organise the competition in their countries.”


Hence, after three events in Perpignan, the competition will travel to Zaragoza in Aragon in 2016. Catalonia and Sardinia are also candidates for the 2017 and 2018 contests. The ball is now rolling!


The author of the highly-debated Decanter article, Rosemary George MW, certainly would not deny that Roussillon has a rightful claim to being the home of Grenache, with archetypal features compared to the varietal’s expression in other countries around the world. In fact, in the introduction to her article, she states: “Roussillon truly owes its typicity to Grenache”. That’s settled then.


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