Cécile BASSOT leaves the SOPEXA management team

Lundi 08 septembre 2014 par Vitisphere

Cécile BASSOT leaves  the SOPEXA management team


The Sopexa group’s board of directors made changes to its governance on 2 July.   Cécile Bassot has served as the group’s managing director since 2009 and brought "the group’s reordering and development phase" to a successful conclusion.

The group is now engaged in a new stage to "become the top international agency for communication and marketing on food, wine and lifestyle."  This objective will not however be pursued with Cécile Bassot at the helm. The former director of SIAL is stepping down from her position at the Sopexa group. Recruitment of her successor is currently underway. Meanwhile, Sopexa’s group president, Jean-René Buisson, will guarantee the group’s operational management.


[Photo: Cécile Bassot on the Vitisphere booth at Vinexpo]


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