The Quebec market

$ 16.38, the average RSP for a bottle of wine

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  The Quebec market: $ 16.38, the average RSP for a bottle of wine


The Société des Alcools du Québec (SAQ), the state body with the monopoly of the distribution of alcohol in the province, achieved a turnover of $ 2,935 billion  in 2013 (an increase of +1% compared to 2012 ), with net income of $ 1 billion (which goes entirely to the Quebec government). Chairman of the SAQ Board of Directors, Sylvain Simard, states that "last year was marked by a slowdown in business growth.  After a few exceptional years, we have consolidated our sales [...], to maintain or improve our position in the retail trade in Quebec, we must continue to implement innovative

projects."   This will be reflected in 2014 by the promotion of a "Québec Origin'' range, which is mainly based on" wines from here" and follows the fashion for consuming local products.  Quebec wines do not currently even appear among the top 10 origins of wines sold by the SAQ.

The MAT at March 2014, shows that France is by far the SAQ's biggest wine supplier with a 31% market share of still wines.  France is followed by Italy (23%), the USA (14%), Spain (8%), Australia (6%) and Argentina (4%). Although France and Italy are seeing their sales slow (slightly down by -0.7% and -0.6%), Californian wines are showing sustained growth (+9.6%). Red wine remains the colour most preferred by Quebec consumers, with 68.6% of still wine sales by volume, slightly down in favour of whites (26.9%). According to the taste tags launched by the SAQ to guide consumers through the wines on the shelf, the market prefers wines with a fruity and medium bodied profile (25% of sales) and aromatic and supple wines (18.6%).

In the SAQ stores, the average RSP of a bottle of still wine was $ 16.38 (€11.14) in 2013-2014. 150.4 million litres of alcoholic beverages were sold by the SAQ, of which 79% was wine (compared to 14.5% for spirits and 1.7% for beers). In value terms, wine sales totalled $ 2.2 billion, i.e. an increase of +1.4% (while sales by volume decreased by -0.5%). The SAQ offers its customers 12,500 alcoholic beverage references



[Illustration: SAQ]


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