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"Aromatized wine-based drinks continue to perform extremely well"

Mercredi 04 juin 2014 par Vitisphere

Nelly Sancho :


Far from being a passing fad, grapefruit-rosé and peach-white are on the shelf to stay. Perhaps for the simple reason that "aperitif drinking is year round"  as Nelly Sancho, head of group marketing for Castel la Confrérie, states.  Although "seasonality is an undeniable factor, sales do not collapse once the big summer consumption peak and the smaller peak at year end are over," she says.  Not just content to have taken hold in French supermarkets (accounting for 2.3% of the volume of still wines sold in 2013), this range continues to expand.  Its growth potential remains unknown, sales of all flavours are growing (+384% for the strawberry-rosé, +249% for the raspberry-rosé, etc.), but the grapefruit-rosé, which created the category, "is and will remain the category’s leading flavour"In 2013, grapefruit-rosé accounted for 69% of the category's sales volumes, i.e. 150,000 hectolitres.  Clearly keen to stress the value of the range during our interview, Nelly Sancho talks of " the balance between one wine and one fruit."   This requirement leads to numerous tests "aimed at meeting the expectations of consumers". Since February, the Castel la Confrérie's VeRy range has included a cherry-rosé (VeRy Ceris), and last year a magnum of VeRy Pamp' was trialled.  Mid-April saw the arrival of VeRy Pep's, carbonated aromatized wine-based drink versions of the 2 AWBD favourite flavours (sparkling peach- white and sparkling grapefruit-rosé).

Last year, 221,450 hectolitres of AWBD were sold in French supermarkets, generating a turnover of € 78.8 million (up +59-60% compared to 2012). This market is dominated by the Fruit & Wine range from Moncigale and the VeRy range from Castel la Confrérie, followed by own label and Arômes & Vins (Picard Wines and Spirits).



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