Low alcohol wines

Following the success of its rosé, Buzet brings out a white version.

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Low alcohol wines: following the success of its rosé, Buzet brings out a white version.


Wine sales in supermarkets have been given a new lease of life in the last few years by bag-in-boxes (replacing the traditional cubitainer), aromatized wines (the famous "grapefruit rosé") and low alcohol ranges.  Although the Vignerons de Buzet have just invested Eur 700,000 in a BIB* and Push-Up packaging line, they have decided to pass on aromatized wines.  "A while ago, we carried out a tasting of wines produced by the competition,"  recalls Carine Magot (head of viticulture), "and, to be honest, it was not the most enjoyable tasting I’ve ever had.   We were not impressed by the quality of these products so we preferred to abstain."

Instead of venturing into the production of a range of Aromatized Wine-Based Drinks, the Vignerons de Buzet decided to launch a range of rosé wines with an alcohol content of  9°: le Nuage.  This range "was a big hit when it was launched last year resulting in us running out of stock early, in August, despite a wet spring," reports Maïwenn Brabant, Vignerons de Buzet's communications manager.  Following the 66,000 bottles of the rosé sold in 2013, 172,000 bottles of rosé are expected to be sold this year, complemented by 40,000 bottles of the new white. The production process used for this wine is based on dilution rather than de-alcoholization. The rosés are a blend of Merlot wine at 11° and Cabernet with a lower alcohol content.

Despite responding to fashions trends, the Buzet-sur-Baise wine cooperative firmly maintains its sustainable development positioning, with its ISO 26 000 certification.



*The line can handle up to 700 BiBs per hour. Previously the Vignerons de Buzet’s annual production of 440,000 BIBs was outsourced.




[Source: Vitisphere; Illustration: Vignerons de Buzet]



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