UK enters the wine market

Mercredi 12 mars 2014 par Vitisphere

UK: enters the wine market

With 3.3 million bottles sold in Europe, an increase of 30% in 2012 and turnover of € 36 million (only 3% of its total turnover), is now attacking the UK market. has been in the UK market since 2009 and has a database of 200,000 subscribers to whom the website has sent two test wine offers in February… "We decided that we have a large enough base now",'s co-founder, Xavier Court, told The Drinks Business.  The first sale of Michel Chapoutier wines generated sales of £20,000 and the second, Louis Latour wines, £30,000.

The concept which has made so successful (fantastic offers which prompt impulse purchases) will enable consumers to try new wines, according to Xavier Court, "We don't expect our customers to wait for the next sale on our website to buy more Michel Chapoutier or Louis Latour wines, we want them to ask for these wines at their local wine store having discovered them on our site."

While recognizing that the UK wine market's particular tax environment will make wine promotions less attractive than they are in the French market, Xavier Court still hopes to run promotions at 30-40% below the normal selling price, while ensuring that the participating domaines and brands (and their distributors) are not harmed by these time-bound promotions. On the contrary, the idea is that these wines should gain increased awareness due to the promotional effect of occasionally featuring on Vente-Privé

No financial targets have been set due to the "specific and highly competitive environment of online wine sales in the UK: if we do 2 million pounds that's fine, if we do less, it doesn’t matter, and if we do more, well then that's great.   Wine currently makes up 3% of our total sales in Europe, we could achieve 5% in the UK", said Xavier Court.



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