Successfull changing of the guard at LGI-WInes

The CEO is leaving, succession is in place.

Mercredi 11 décembre 2013 par Vitisphere

Successfull changing of the guard at LGI-WInes: the CEO is leaving, succession is in place.

Alain Grignon is stepping down and will leave LGI’s presidency and leadership on Dec 31 2013.

Based in Carcassonne, LGI is one the largest exporter of Languedoc and Gascogne wines. 24 employees strong, LGI has an annual turnover of 48m euros, sells more than 25m bottles a year to 150 clients spread over 30 countries.

Alain Grignon probably did not  envision such a rapid growth, such a performance for LGI when as Sales Director he quit Foncalieu to join the company. With his team, he has developed a one of a kind  business model, offering tailor-made wines, attuned to the export consumer markets. Each wine corresponds exactly to the clients’ requirements and wishes. LGI has built a win-win relationship with wine producers (cooperatives and vignerons) by signing balanced agreements respectfull of each partner’s value-add.

Transmitting such a dynamic set-up, such a human adventure and such a business success is difficult and complex. “This has been a 5 year transmission process” recalls Alain Grignon, “It is successfull as it has been done in a gradual, well understood way and with consensus in mind. It satisfies all involved parties, management, employees, producers and clients”.


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