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Winemakers from the Pezenas AOC launch their “Fusionelle” cuvee

Lundi 09 décembre 2013 par Vitisphere

Languedoc: Winemakers from the Pezenas AOC launch their “Fusionelle” cuvee

It is under the aegis of the most famous producer of the AOC, Jean Claude Mas,  that the winemakers of the Appellation have decided to get together to launch the cuvee “Cote Mas”, a blend of the best wines from c.10 producers. This joint project has the ambition of displaying the “special” character of that terroir, which the producers see as redifing the idea of “cru”, Languedoc style.

A “specialness” they see as beeing made out of 4 main components:

- with a broad mix of independent traditional winemakers, cooperative and “neo-vignerons” from a variety of backgrounds: corporate, journalists, lawyers, dentists,etc…

- the vines which show a mix of tradition (Carignan, Cinsault) and more recent varietals (Syrah, Mourvedre)

- the varied soil and climate with heights going from 20 to 250m

- 6 000 HL of AOP Languedoc-Pezena are produced every year by c.30 producers.

6000 bottles of the first vintage of this collective work have been produced. They are on sale in the producers’ shops and is served at the Restaurant Cote Mas.

[Source : Vitisphere]


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