Jérôme Despey asks

« does France really want a sector of wines with no geographic indication ? »

Mercredi 27 novembre 2013 par Kelsie Adams

Jérôme Despey asks : « does France really want a sector of wines with no geographic indication ? »

« I was wrong, they are even lower than I thought » confessed Jérôme Despey , talking about the 2013 harvest predictions by FranceAgriMer. Its gone from 46.6 million hectolitres in July down to 43.2 million hl in November. The president of the Specialist Wine Constultancy FranceAgriMer has dismissed claims of all out war on figures between the statistics provider and the professionals by using the most objective collective forecasts. The aim is to « avoid repercussions on the future wine market, » which translates as « the rise or fall [of prices] that do not correspond with reality ».

Beyond these statistical issues, Jérôme Despey was in tune with the overrunning optimism of the comings and goings of Sitévi during their press conference in Montpellier on 26th November. Hoping to build on this « more comfortable market, following the small national harvests » the secretary-general of FNSEA has emphasised his intention to make the industry face up to their responsabilities so that it « solves the strategic and prospective subjects ». Always disappointed that the balance of the french wine market rests on the weather conditions (and not on the contractualisation that is so dear to his heart) he urged players on the french wine market to have « the courage to admit segmentation and production of wines into protected appellation origins (AOPs), geograpically protected indications (IGPs) and wines with no geographic indication (French wine, VSIP) » in order to answer the question :  « do we really want a VSIP sector in our country ? »

Showing that he wants to make this debate a collective discussion, he admitted to already having an opinion on the subject : « not doing anything is not a strategy». Supporting a market strategy to make their place in French wines he is campaigning so that the industry « admits that VSIG wines is not a fallback for IGP or AOPs » because working only with the surplus, « cannot be competitive » against Spanish and Italian wines. In response to the « worries » of the AOP and IGP interprofessions, Jérôme Depsey defends the need for « rules to avoid imbalance » all by calling for « implementers who need to make a move towards production » to show the existence of sustainable markets.

While officially announcing the arrival of the Agricultural Minister (at the end of Sitévi, this Thursday from « »9.15am – 1.45pm » precisely), Jérôme Despey stated that the roundtable organised on the next Common Agricultural Policy will be an opportunity to thank Stéphane le Foll for his support in maintaining the Common Organisation of the Wine Producing Market and to approach the «pressing issue that has affected the production areas : the question of enrichment ». Having kept quiet throughout this feature, the president of the specialised consultancy does not ever admit judgement, even though it is imperative to have a new rules. According to him « we cannot go through what we went through this year again ». And the professionals are unanimously in agreement on this subject (to find out more, click here).


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