The perfect blend of the Pomerols Cellar and large scale distribution

Mardi 26 novembre 2013 par Kelsie Adams

The perfect blend of the Pomerols Cellar and large scale distribution

Since March 2013 French distributor Carrefour has held exclusive rights to the Réserve de Monrouby Rosé vintage (Côtes de Thau, Protected Geographic Indication), which is produced by the Pomerols cellar (Hérault). This project, which was launched at the end of 2012 by the cellar’s director Joël Julien and brokerage firm Alias, has proven successful in just six months with 700 000 bottles and 100 000 three litre Bag in Boxes sold ! The Prodis team, who already produce 130 000 hectolitres of wine (30 000 hl of which are rosés) commited to, at the end of 2012, providing a 8 000 hl reserve, « which was enormous », states Joël Julien. The launch that Carrefour have provided and the financial support of the Côtes de Thau syndicat are a big part of this success.

This rosé has even become the largest volume reference of the Reflet de France (Carrefour’s Distributing Brand). Wine buyer for Carrefour, Franck Renoult is supporting the supply of rosés other than those from Provence. According to Cyr Gaudy, president of the cellar, who was speaking at an evening to celebrate the success of the 2012 vintage, this has been very beneficial for the Côtes de Thau. From 2014 onwards the Reserve de Monrouby rosé will be available permenantly in all the hyper, super and proxy markets of the group (with a volume that could rise to 12 000 or 15 000 hl). A magnum project from the summer is being discussed.

Emphasising this dynamic, the cooperative cellar is hoping to invest in a new 1000m² stock site (that can hold 1500 palettes) in 2014 before renovating the packaging chain in 2015 (to increase productivity from 3 000 to 5 500 bottles an hour).





[Photo of the Pomerols and Prodis Cellar team (from left to right) : Franck Renoult (Buyer at Prodis), Cyr Gaudy (President of the Pomerols Cellar), Jean-Philippe Limito (Merchandise directer at Prodis), Joël Julien (Directeor of Pomerols Cellar), Didier Thibaud (Managing director at Prodis) ; Laurent Causin (Vitisphere)]


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