Conseil Interprofessionnel of Alsace wines announces its new office

Mercredi 20 novembre 2013 par Kelsie Adams

Conseil Interprofessionnel of Alsace wines announces its new office

At the end of October, the Alsace vineyard owners could breathe a sigh of relief at the good appearance of their 2013 vintage. The harvest was finished (the cut off for late harvests was set for 14th October this year) and the Conseil Interprofessionnel of Alsace wines (CIVA) unveiled their new office. Even though the new president of the board was elected on 28th June of this year, the votes for the rest of the office were complicated by disagreements in the middle of production (seeing, for the first time, several senior candidates vying for the same seats).

Following a new General Assembly meeting, on 31st Otober, CIVA was able to place everybody in the 2013 office, consisting of :

- President : Robert Dietrich (merchant : Caves Dietrich et Fils, Wettolsheim) ;

- Vice-Presidents : Georges Wespiser (production : Winery president for Hunawihr) ; Serge Fleischer (merchant : Société Arthur Metz, Marlenheim) and Pierre Bernhard (production : Bernhard-Reibel domain) ;

- Secretary general : Pierre-Olivier Baffrey (production : Bestheim & Châteaux, Bennwihr) ;

- Treasurer : Pierre Heydt-Trimbach (merchant : F.E. Trimbach, Ribeauvillé).

Following these institutational difficulties, the president of CIVA, Robert Dietrich, declared « the grouping of all living forces  to add value to the image of Alsace wines and the prosperity of the entire industry ». In 2013, wine production in Alsace is said to have been at 950 000 hectolitres (-15% down on the five-year average).




[Photo : CIVA headquarters, CIVA]


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