The British tend to prefer cheaper wines

Lundi 18 novembre 2013 par Kelsie Adams

The British tend to prefer cheaper wines

A survey carried out by the London Wine Academy (LWA) has concluded that British people prefer cheaper wines. By organising 20 000 blind tastings the LWA got participants to try two different chardonnay wines, one an entry level wine (Australian Aspen Hills with an RRP of £5) and the second a more prestigious wine (AOC Saint Aubin Premier Cru from Gérard Thomas (Côte de Beaune), sold at £20).

The results of this survey showed that 80% of participants prefered the cheaper wine, and 60% even thought that it was the more expensive of the two. As could be expected, the LWA claims that the wine tasters (amateurs who were starting a wine tasting course) prefered the entry level wine because « it has a simple taste » most notably with the residual sugars that make wine « sweet ». Leta Besser, founder of the LWA, explains that « wine tasting, is about developing the lines of communication between your nose, tongue and brain ». She states that after completing wine tasting courses at LWA, students tend to lean more towards more complex wines that, in general, are more expensive.


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