11 hectares in Burgundy were destroyed by Flavescence Dorée in 2013, will it only be half an acre this year ?

Mercredi 30 octobre 2013 par Kelsie Adams

11 hectares in Burgundy were destroyed by Flavescence Dorée in 2013, will it only be half an acre this year ?

The phytoplasma of Flavescence Dorée, which is transmitted by the leaf hopping insect known as scaphoideus titanus, is a contagious disease that is cause for concern in all vineyards in France, and that has been particularly bad in Burgundy since 2011(click here to find out more). According to Cote d’Or’s central administration, the regional plan to monitor and combat Flavescence Dorée should already have « allowed them to make an assessment and contain the disease ». Carried out through field observation and half the laboratory analyses of the bacteria, the initial assessment shows positive results.                           

Even though 11.3 hectares of land was destroyed last year, this year there is only one plot that would be of concern in Soâne et Loire. Roughly half an acre of land has more than 20% of contaminated vines, and is therefore over the maximum threshold. During the important canvassing campaign that saw 6 000 vines taken out across 1 500 different plots of land, the presence of Flavescence Dorée was found  in Viré (Mâconnais), Meursault (Côte de Beaune), Mercurey and Saint-Martin-sous-Montaigu (Côte Chalonnaise), and also in Chapelle-de-Guinchay (Beaujolais).

The Appellation Confederation of Burgundy Vignerons (Confédération de l’Appellation des Vignerons de Bourgogne, CAVB) also share the regions optimism, stating that « the joint effects of insecticides in Côte d’Or (one) and in Saône et Loire (three), the removal of infected vines and a meticulous canvassing allow us, today, to hope that the disease is under control ». This hope is also being fuelled by the mobilisation of professionals : 2 500 wine growers have undergone training this year to learn how to recognise the symptoms of Flavescence. The final assessment of the situation in Burgundy will be ready by the end of the year, just in time to make decision for the 2014 plans.



[Photo : Tree Hopping Flavescence Dorée, Syngenta]


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