Domaines Paul Mas wins « Winery of the Year » at the Sommelier Challenge

Jeudi 24 octobre 2013 par Kelsie Adams

Domaines Paul Mas wins « Winery of the Year » at the Sommelier Challenge

At the 5th edition of the annual Sommelier Challenge International Wine Competition, Domaines Paul Mas cinched the coverted award of « Winery of the Year » for Château Paul Mas. The judges, made up of, among others, Bob Bath, wine writer David Furer and the director of the Culinary Institute of America, Tracy Dutton, also awarded the domaine 3 platinum medals, 3 gold medals and several silver medals for a selection of wines from Arrogant Frog and Paul Mas Estate, two of the brands that come from Domaines Paul Mas. The wines were ranked exceptional not only for their quality but also for their very affordable prices.

Robert Whitley, founder of the Sommelier Wine Challenge, a competition reserved for wines sold on the American market, highlighted the prominence of Languedoc wines, thanks to visionary enterprises such as Domaines Paul Mas, Gérard Bertrand as well as boutique producers like Oliver Julien from Mas Julien. « This level of excellence from the hinterlands of the French wine industry, a region once known only for its ocean of generic “bulk” wine, would have been unthinkable as recently as 20 years ago », he wrote on his website.

Another French representative in this international competition was a champagne from Moet & Chandon, the1993 Grand Vintage Collection Brut, which won the double titles of wine of the year and best sparkling wine.


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