According to Bernard Fargues, « 2013 could be Bordeaux’s smallest harvest since 1991 ».

Mercredi 02 octobre 2013 par KA

According to Bernard Fargues, « 2013 could be Bordeaux’s smallest harvest since 1991 ».

The new president of the Interprofessional Council of  Bordeaux Wines, wine producer Bernard Farges, started his autumn press conference by sparing a thought for « all those colleagues that were affected by the hailstorms » this summer. He recalled that « many of you lost everything , the 2013 harvest, maybe even some of the 2014 harvest. A year’s worth of work was all destroyed in a matter of minutes (around 22,000 hectares were affected, of which 17,000 were 30-80% destroyed and 5000 were 80-100% destroyed). This is very difficult, financially and commercially, but also psycologically ». However, Bernard Fargues highlighted the solidarity of the industry with « an unprecedented measure being put in place in Gironde : the purchase of wine by those affected by the tragedy ».

More generally, he added that « as far as quantity is concerned, we are expecting a large deficit in Merlot, the most prolific variety of wine in Gironde ». He predicts that « this shortfall could be almost a million hectolitres of AOC wines, which would lead to the smallest harvest since 1991. We have had to make a lot of effort in the past to reduce heavy stock on the market. Today, however, our availablity will be very low and tensions may be felt on the bulk buying market, all the while without real differences in the price that the consumer pays . The regulation tools for our market will be used at this phase, as they have been in the past ».

[Photo of Bernard Farges : Alexandre Abellan (Vitisphere)]


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