Bordeaux Wine Board

Bernard Farges leads the interprofession

Lundi 23 septembre 2013 par Vitisphere

Bordeaux Wine Board: Bernard Farges leads the interprofession

The Interprofessional Council of Bordeaux Wines (CIVB) has a new president since last summer. Being the only candidate, Bernard Farges was easily elected. He will lead the CIVB for a 3 years mandate, as representative of the vineyard.

Already president of the French Federation of Origin Wines (CNAOC), Bernard Farges wants his new mandate to "work on a balanced market and develop multi-year wine contracts''. According to him, ''the CIVB will not solve everything , but bad decisions can be destructive. To learn that, we paid the high price for a decade.''

The previous president, Georges Haushalter summarized it mandate by an account of the ''Bordeaux tomorrow'' plan. Drawn after the 2008 crisis, this plan is still on its way, the Bordeaux sector now showing an harmonious front. One of the main improvement has been the increase of per barrel prices (more than 1,000 euros for red Bordeaux).


[Picture of Bernard Farges: Alexandre Abellan(Vitisphere)]


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