Chinese survey of European wines

Silently, it is still on its way...

Mercredi 18 septembre 2013 par Vitisphere

Chinese survey of European wines: silently, it is still on its way...

Before this summer’s hailstorms, French vineyard was already all shaken up. An unexpected thunder cracked in the beginning of July: Chinese authorities launched anti-dumping and anti-subsidies investigations, targeted at imported European wines. If Chinese producers asked such an investigation last May, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce (Mofcom) launched the procedure only once a conflict between China and European Union about imports of Chinese solar panels came to be. Late July, an agreement put an end to the solar panel case, but the Chinese investigations were not affected.

In the meantime, 5,000 European wine exporting companies voluntarily registered to the Mofcom, hoping to secure a privileged status in case of duty increases. Most of them are still awaiting the result of the procedure. But the sample list of European companies investigated has been unveiled in Beijing last August. According to El Mundo Vino, six European companies have been selected. Four major French operators will be investigated closely: Grands Chais de France, Castel Frères, Guyennoise and Moncigale (Belvedere group). Two Spanish companies are also involved in the investigation: Cherubino Valsangiacomo and Félix Solís Avantis

This sample seems far from representative, dealing only with major suppliers of the Chinese wine market. Right now, the selection criteria remain nebulous, and investigation dates remain unknown.



[Picture: Shen Danyang, spokeperson of MOFCOM]


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