Loire valley Wine Board

Gérard Vinet elected president

Lundi 01 juillet 2013 par Vitisphere

Loire valley Wine Board : Gérard Vinet elected president
June 25, Gérard Vinet (wine grower 55 hectares of vineyards in Muscadet) was elected president of InterLoire. He plans to give the Loire Valley Interprofession a tangible policy of actions and listening. This new breath could have been given by the his predecessor, the trader Jean-Martin Dutour. His last months in the chair of the InterLoire were poisoned by the debate about its helicoptered visits during the last Fair of Loire Valley Wines (Angers), while he did not expose there.
Gérard Vinet (54 years) announced that the most important thing for him, is that InterLoire keep " his power to initiate works that individually, we cannot concretize". Considering that "our jobs quickly evolve, but marketing of our wines move faster " he adds that "our mode of governance, our status also have to evolve to be in agreement with operators of our region".  A phase of dialogue will soon be launched with the operators of Loire Valley on these questions, as well as on communication of the Loire Appellations.
During last General assembly, which elected the new president of InterLoire, the new logo of wines of the Loire was presented. Based on the rainbow and federation, this new logo intends to be a lever for the advertising campaign planned this year for a return on the French market. 


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