Jean-Pierre Cointreau

"in Champagne and Cognac, challenge lies in value"

Mercredi 19 juin 2013 par Vitisphere

Jean-Pierre Cointreau:

Mixed results of 2012 champagne exports don't worry Jean-Pierre Cointreau, the president of Renaud Cointreau (champagnes Gosset, cognacs Frapin...). For him, "champagnes and cognacs are working on cycles. Cognac is currently in a better phase than Champagne. But we must admit that cognacs are less popular in France. We lost the battle of cognac with sparkling water! "  Export restriction is the only concern he seems to be wooried about. "We had one container blocked in China because of phthalates. But it was quickly resolved, the barrier turned out to be an administrative one, not a technical one. "

Being a traditional house in Cognac, Frapin is not part of the cocktail trend. It rather bets on being part of the vineyard, in order to meet growing demand (500,000 bottles are sold each year). Two weeks ago, Jean-Pierre Cointreau signed the acquisition of 24 hectares in Grande Champagne. Frapin vineyard is now up to 240 hectares. Renaud Cointreau strategy is to expand both its range and value. Jean-Pierre Cointreau summarizes this strategy as a "proactive approach to value. In Champagne and Cognac, the challenge is to create value. It our reason for being! "


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