Vinexpo snapshot

Results balancing between optimistic organizer and pessimistic exhibitors

Lundi 24 juin 2013 par Vitisphere

Vinexpo snapshot: results balancing between optimistic organizer and pessimistic exhibitors

2,400 exhibitors and 48,800 visitors walked the Bordeaux Parc Expo during the 5 days of Vinexpo exhibition, according to first estimations. Compared to 2011 edition, the number of exhibitors remains unchanged, while visitor attendance increased slightly (+1.6%). "The number and quality of exchanges, the excitement in the halls, the commands initiated... This Vinexpo is a relaunch sign for the industry"  according to Robert Beynat (CEO of Vinexpo until next september). Official figures show positive results. But visitors and exhibitors rather think that Vinexpo is facing a hard time while celbrating its thirties.

In Vinexpo alleys, the main feeling was a reduced number of visitors. During the show, some exhibitors predicted a huge drop in attendance, being suspicious about how easy it was to move in the exhibtion. Many criticisms have also been made about the organization itself: problems of access, difficulties in setting up (stands, glasses ...), an aging infrastructure... Favorable comparisons to Prowein stress these feedbacks. The Düsseldorf fair is to be crowned the fair for business and professionalism, while Vinexpo could simply become a party room between professionals.

The development of Asiatic Vinexpo (fairs in Japan and Mainland China in addition to Hong Kong) is not a reassuring strategy for most exhibitors. Some see it as an admission that visitors do not come to the fair and the fair has now to move itself in order to meet them. On the other hand, some think that this edition was under the crisis gloom and urge to support the first French international exhibition of wines and spirits.


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