Robert Beynat

"If China produces more wine, consumption will go up too"

Vendredi 31 mai 2013 par Vitisphere

Robert Beynat:

Chief Executive of Vinexpo, Robert Beynat announced that the 2013 edition will host "big Chinese producers, especially companies from joint ventures with Europe. China is now the eighth largest producer of wine world. in 2016, we expect that it will rank sixth. We should not fear this new rising wine nation. Actually, it should be the opposite!"

"A country producing more wines turns out into a country consuming more wines. This is a well known phenomenon. Nowadays, the U.S. market would not be that big if there had been no Mondavi nor Gallo. China is not going to flood the world wine market. China will have enough to do with its domestic thirst!"

Vinexpo will take place in Bordeaux from June 16 to June 21.


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