Burgundy wines thrive in Canada and the US

Jeudi 30 mai 2013 par Vitisphere

Burgundy wines thrive in Canada and the US

North America has become the driving export market for Burgundy wines, both in value and volume. The United States are the first export market for Burgundy wines in value (with 20.2% of shipments), while Canada ranks fourth. In 2012, the United States imported 15 million bottles for a turnover of 150 million euros (respectively +3.5% and +5.9% compared to 2011). After reaching a record level in 2007, sales declined sharply in 2008, however giving way to a steady growth since then. In Canada, the decline in 2009 was offset by a steady increase, leading to a record level in 2012. Last year, Canada has imported 6.2 million bottles of Burgundy wines for € 44.9 million (+9.2% and +12.5% compared to 2011).

According to the Interprofessional Office of Burgundy wines, the growth potential for Burgundy wines in the United States is located in states that were relatively spared by the global econommic slump, such as Texas, together with thoses where the recovery is on ( New York, California, Michigan ...). From March 2011 to March 2012, more than half (60%) of Canadian consumption of Burgundy wine was located in Quebec, reaching new records in the French-speaking province (+15% in value compared to the previous period) while we noted a slight decline in Ontario (-13%) and stability in British Columbia.

Both in the US and in Canada, Burgundian white wines are clearly predominant (62% of the value in the United States, 56% in Canada). Sales of sparkling Burgungy, known as Crémant, are also progressing, quicker in the US (7 % of Burgundy wine sales in value) than in Canada (4%).


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