and The Wine Advocate welcome Italian and Spanish wines experts

Mercredi 24 avril 2013 par Vitisphere and The Wine Advocate welcome Italian and Spanish wines experts

The Wine Advocate and announced on April 23rd that their review team was most pleased to welcome two new contributors : Monica Larner, who will focus on Italian wine, and Luis Gutiérrez, who will take on Spain, Argentina and Chile.

Founder and chairman, Robert M. Parker, Jr. explained : "Monica is one of the most comprehensive writers of Italian wines out there. Having the advantage of devoting herself full-time to this important region and living within its culture is phenomenal. And Luis is known as the foremost expert in Spanish wine today. From his home base in Spain, he'll be putting his Spanish-speaking skills to great use as he reviews wine from Spain, as well as Chile and Argentina."

An active member of the Ordine dei Giornalisti and a certified sommelier with the Italian Sommelier Association, Monica Larner is an American who has been studying and living in Italy since childhood and currently resides in Rome. As for Luis Gutiérrez, he was, up till now, part-time an IT professional and part-time a Spanish correspondent for, and a founding member of He received the Spanish National Gastronomy Award for journalism in 2012 and lives in Madrid.


Photo : Monica Larner (c), Luis Gutiérrez 


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