Christian Paly (InterRhône)

"We need to sell our Cotes du Rhône AOC for 120 € / hl, which is where we were standing before the 2002 crisis"

Jeudi 14 mars 2013 par Vitisphere

Christian Paly (InterRhône):

During the Decouvertes en Vallée du Rhône (a professional event on Rhone wines for the international press and trade), InterRhone announced that after they faced difficulties in the years 2002-2003, the appellations of the Rhone Valley regained some of the ground they lost on their competitors, with export sales now accounting for 30% of volumes sold by the producers of the region.

"We aim to bring this proprotion up to 35% within two to three years," said Christian Paly, the chairman of InterRhone. On the French market, the situation is more difficult with supermarket sales plummeting in volume (-2.3% for AOC red Rhone Valley), but increasing in value. Sales of wines over 3 € per bottle rose (+ 3%), while the wines sold for less than € 3 receded (-6%).

Wine in bulk sells for 115 € / hl for Côtes du Rhône and 136 € / hl for Côtes du Rhône Village. "It is not enough, we need to reach 120 € / hl, which is where we were standing before the 2002 crisis.This year, the production was 2.9 million hectoliters, down 6% compared to 2011. This is exactly the volume that came out of the cellars during the 2011-2012 sales campaign," says Christian Paly, ackowledging that the region also benefits, like all wine regions, of the meager worldwide wine production in 2012. "Ten years ago, we had an disbalanced situation, with a 60 million hl global surplus. In 2012, production and consumption are back in balance. Surplus is no longer the issue, shortage might be. This is a favourable context for our wines."


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