Pascal Férat

"the redefinition of the area of champagne appellation is expected for 2018-2020"

Mardi 19 mars 2013 par Vitisphere

Pascal Férat:

President of the General Union of Champagne Vignerons (SGV), Pascal Férat confirms that 2013 begins toughly for Champagne sales. "During the first 2 months of the year, exports continued to do well. January was good, but February is considerably less satisfying." The 2012 Champagne sales were already marking a slow down in growth, although Pascal Férat wants to counterweight this judgment, because "at the end of the first semester of 2012, our forecasts were even more pessimistic. When it comes to champagnes de vignerons (as opposed to champagnes of larger producers), their markets are primarily France and Europe, which are most affected by the crisis. Given the context, the consumption is actually maintaining well."

Redefinition of the Champagne production area is bubbling again in the appellation as it would raise crucial issues regarding the prices of land, grapes and champagne wines. Recently "an INAO commission came by. We exchanged about the definition and principles of redefining the area. Further discussions will go on and, only after validation from the Wine National Committee of the INAO, I think the appointed experts will begin their evaluation this autumn. Looking after the land called to bear the AOC vineyard." The outcome of this revision is announced for 2018-2020.

Picture : Pascal Férat (c) CNAOC


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