Jerome Bories-Azeau

"when dealing with new Asian wine markets, one must learn to be patient"

Dimanche 13 janvier 2013 par Vitisphere

Jerome Bories-Azeau:

Jerome Bories-Azeau directs Celliers France Asie since 2007. Representing and distributing wine brands in Asia, he doesn't focus only on China. He is selling wines in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar or Vietnam, "countries which opened recently themselves to wine consumption. They are growing markets, even if their growth is not as important as China's. In Cambodia, there is an upper class consuming wine. The wine culture is more developed in Vietnam than in other neighboring countries, due to the past French presence. French wines have a good image there, but during the last 4 years, New World wines made a great breakthrough, enjoying a favorable exchange rate."

"In these new markets, high-end and entry-level segment are growing. These new-consumers are reassured by labels displaying known references, like chinese consumers. It is much more difficult for the moment to develop there a brand without notoriety. Entry-level ranges work well, but the competition is fierce in these segments. If you want to develop a business in these countries, you have to respect Asian culture. Everything is not set during the first appointment. One must learn to be patient in order to gain trust. Finally, laws change quickly in these markets, adaptation is a need. "


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