Georges Haushalter

"In a difficult environment, the economic performance of Bordeaux wines are sastifying"

Mercredi 26 décembre 2012 par Vitisphere

Georges Haushalter:

President of Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins de Bordeaux, Georges Haushalter judged during the Annual CIVB Meeting that "even if the countries have a more satisfying balance, the current and future remains difficult on our core markets (France and Europe) . in this context, the economic performance of Bordeaux wines for the year 2012 can be considered satisfactory. on the campaign 2011-2012, Bordeaux exported 2.32 million hectoliters of wine (17% compared to the previous campaign) with a value of € 2.29 billion (+28%). "

"This positive development has had a positive impact on the average price of the barrel of red Bordeaux removed in bulk, which reached € 950 on last season and now exceeds € 1,000 in recent weeks. But the other side of the coin, we are concerned by the continuing erosion of the French market, which is by far the largest market for Bordeaux wines. on the last campaign, he absorbed himself nearly 60% of volumes sold of Bordeaux. "


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