INAO recognizes the cru ranking

Vendredi 22 juillet 2011 par Vitisphere

INAO (French governmental organization dealing with the protection designations and origins) has given a positive opinion on the establishment of three communal crus in Muscadet, Loire-Atlantique. This official recognition process began in 2001. The application of these crus was supported by strong analyses involving geological, climatic and organoleptic studies. Up the Sèvre river to the city of Nantes, these municipalities are Clisson (nicknamed "Little Venice"), Gorges and Le Pallet.

At the moment, INAO has just given an agreement, which should lead to a legal amendment of the the Appellation of Muscadet requirements. The three crus require specific technical achievements compared to the generic PDO (lower yields, grapevine which came into production later ...). These three crus gather 100 hectares of the 10 000 claiming the Muscadet appellation. 65 producers are potentially affected by this statement, the Muscadet region embody 650 wineries in all.

Forgeau Joel, president of the appellation Muscadet states that "it is mostly an encouragement, a locomotive to motivate all producers in the vineyard to pursue this path towards excellence. The wines of Muscadet communal open the way for the entire appellation. "


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