Primeur vs Nouveau. The wines from the South of France are up to scratch with Be

Mercredi 23 novembre 2005 par Vitisphere

This year’s weather was great for winemaking in France, especially in the Beaujolais region, where vintners drew the best out of this advantage. This first Beaujolais pleasantly surprised us. Over 55 million bottles should be sold, of which over a half is exported notably to Japan (20% of sales). Beaujolais overshadows its counterparts and remains an international event. An interest in Nouveau wines exists in other winegrowing areas, in Côtes du Rhône, in the Loire Valley, and in Gaillac. But the ambition of creating a similar phenomena is especially expressed by the Vins de Pays, who launch their primeur wines on the third Thursday of October. However, like Beaujolais, the production of vins de pays primeurs is stabilising, and hasn’t really developed a following. In collaboration, with the newspaper, MONTPELLIER PLUS, Vinimarket organised a confrontation between five Southern primeur wines and five Beaujolais Nouveau. The former won 3 of the matches out of 5, however the two best wines were finally from the Beaujolais. What are the conclusions following this tasting, impressing the 30 professional and non-professional tasters, between the ages of 20 and 50? 1) the 10 wines were of a high standard of quality 2) the potential of wines from the south of great, but what can be done to develop sales. Vins de Pays primeur sales are limited to under 10 million bottles in their region of production. Another marketing problem that needs to be resolved by this region. 3) Beaujolais still has a promising future. Nearly fifty years ago, it invented modern wine marketing. Place (Beaujolais), time (3rd Thursday of November), and a united strategy (vintners working with merchants, similar packaging and taste).


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