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Moncigale invests in canned wines

Par Vitisphere Le 21 février 2020
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Moncigale invests in canned wines
Still presented as a prototype, the Moncigale branded rosé in a can (2019 IGP Méditerranée) should be the first wine to use the future canning facilities. - crédit photo : Alexandre Abellan (Vitisphere)

he start-up StarBeverages, which specialises in packaging beverage alcohol in cans, and Moncigale wine merchant (the wine branch of the Marie Brizard Wine and Spirits group) are “in the process of finalising an agreement” and poised to “pool their skills and supply wine in cans”. The agreement will provide Moncigale’s facilities in the Gard region with a ninth packaging line, and its first for cans.

The dedicated facilities should lead to “more cans in the marketplace”, summed up Franck Bourguignon, Moncigale's sales director, at Wine Paris (Porte de Versailles). In conjunction with StarBeverages, Moncigale will provide canning facilities for other companies, either for own brands or private labels.

This is an industrial partnership where Moncigale will be in a position to develop its range of wines in cans, while Star Beverages will be able to offer its customers a complete range of services from the traditional glass bottle to the bag-in-box, baginnov and cans”, added Cédric Segal, co-founder of StarBeverages.


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