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Gérard Bertrand likens his new Languedoc rosé to a temple

Par Vitisphere Le 29 juillet 2019
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Gérard Bertrand likens his new Languedoc rosé to a temple
According to Gérard Bertrand, Clos du Temple carries a message: “Earth, time, transcendence?. - crédit photo : Gérard Bertrand

rovence will have to defend its turf of high-end, gourmet food-style rosés against some new kids on the block. One of them is Gérard Bertrand, who has released Clos du Temple, an iconic, timeless rosé for food, retailing for 190 euros a bottle just like Bertrand’s Clos d'Ora launched 8 years ago. According to its creator, the wine “is a tribute to boldness, that of creating a high-end rosé wine in Languedoc”. Located in the Cabrières wine region, Clos du Temple embraces 8 hectares of biodynamic vineyards and the wine stems from a very unusual blend. “I designed this wine like a temple: the foundations are made of Grenache, the columns are made of Cinsault, the walls are made of Syrah, the architecture is made of Mourvèdre and the roof is made of Viognier”, explained Bertrand.

The grapes are harvested by hand at sunrise and then cold pressed. Fermentation occurs at low temperatures after 24 hours of settling at a controlled temperature of between 8 and 10°C. The wines are aged in French oak barrels for 6 to 8 months on fine lees with regular stirring.

Golden ratio

The bottle is inspired by the architectural structure of the first temples. “Its geometric shapes are designed with the golden ratio”, added Bertrand. Its square base and pyramid-shaped punt rise towards the top and are then transformed into a cylinder, thus combining earth and the cosmos in line with biodynamic principles. The shoulders are decorated with gold, recalling both the meandering landscape of the Cabrières hills and the gold-clad domes used to guide pilgrims. The blue, used in several places on the livery, is a nod to the royal blue of Louis XIV, who drank wines from Cabrières.




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