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'Cosmic ', the new Vin de France by Aegerter

Par Vitisphere Le 02 février 2018
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'Cosmic ', the new Vin de France by Aegerter
- crédit photo : Aegerter

egociant firm Aegerter has announced the launch of two new Vins de France, one red and one white, named “Cosmic”, in what is a first for Aegerter. What makes them different is that they are 100% Burgundy varietals - Pinot noir and Chardonnay - but come from different regions. Around 80% is blended from wines made by “winegrowing pals” from the Loire, Languedoc and Corsica; the balance is produced in Burgundy.


The non-GI category, where there are no set proportions for origins, makes this type of blend perfectly legal and Paul Aegerter plans to adapt proportions with each vintage, “while keeping the same backbone. I wanted something that would bring together wine regions and people from different backgrounds”, he explains.


The target audience for the new products is primarily novices: “90% of wine drinkers across the globe are not connoisseurs. They are looking for wines that are easy to understand”, he adds. “Also, it is very concerning that regional Burgundy appellations should have become so expensive”. Aegerter aims for his wines to be accessible to a wide audience, both in terms of flavour and retail price points which range from 8 to 9 euros. “This is also a way of promoting our two Burgundy grape varieties”. 

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