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Le Petit Béret raises €600,000 to exceed one-million-bottle mark

Par Vitisphere Le 17 janvier 2018
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Le Petit Béret raises €600,000 to exceed one-million-bottle mark

We produce a novel drink to recruit people who don’t drink wine. This is not just an innovation in terms of use or consumption, we are offering a whole new vision of the marketplace”, explained Fathi Benni, CEO of Le Petit Béret. He added that “in the company’s five-year history, we have been able to demonstrate that it is possible to approach grapes in an innovative way, to address new consumers and open up new avenues for promoting French wine growers”.

Based in the Innovosud incubator in Béziers, the start-up is confidently demonstrating both ambition and funds to achieve its goals. Le Petit Béret recently raised €600,000 in funding from three companies: the Lyon investor Angel for Food, the leading French co-operative group InVivo and the South-East France competitive cluster Terralia. Its development is ambitious considering its 2017 sales in the range of 150,000 bottles generating 450,000 euros in revenue.


A non-wine product

Whilst not wine, Le Petit Béret products have close ties with the wine industry but are aimed at the soft drinks segment. The range will be entirely sourced in France from co-operatives belonging to InVivo Wine. Containing neither alcohol nor sulphites, the drinks will be certified vegan and hallal, as well as having a taste reminiscent of wine.



With two-thirds of its turnover stemming from French super/hypermarkets and restaurants, the start-up is looking to expand into export markets, which currently account for 30% of its sales (North Africa, Canada…). In 2018, the United States and the Middle East will become priority targets, capitalising on InVivo Wine’s sales network. 

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