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OIV differentiates between additives and processing aids

Par Vitisphere Le 04 novembre 2016
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OIV differentiates between additives and processing aids

t its 14th Annual General Assembly in Bento Gonçalves, Brazil, the International Organisation of Vine and Wine adopted no fewer than sixteen legal resolutions. Articles added to OIV’s International Code of Winemaking Practices include the very discreet resolution OENO 567A-2016. Although the finalised text has yet to be released, this is a major first step towards differentiating between “substances already approved by OIV and used as additives and those used as processing aids”, explains OIV tersely on its website.

Subtle distinctions

Although the list is not exhaustive, it focuses for example on clarification and fermentation agents, preservatives, acidity regulators, and even gases. The text also recalls the difference between food additives – which are incorporated in the food manufacturing process and subject to Acceptable Daily Intake levels – and processing aids of which only residues and traces must be present in the finished product (according to the reference definition in the Codex  Alimentarius).

OIV claims that the resolution will help to “establish better harmonisation among international organisations and to facilitate the international trade of grape wines”.  

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