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Malbec Day: Cahors asks the Argentineans to work as a team

Par Vitisphere Le 03 mai 2016
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Malbec Day: Cahors asks the Argentineans to work as a team

ince 2011, Wines of Argentina has celebrated April 17, 1853, the date when a draft bill was submitted for the establishment of a wine Quinta, managed by the French agronomist Michel Aimé Poujet. The date therefore marks the official inception of the Argentinean wine industry, but also the introduction of the Malbec grape variety to Mendoza. The varietal, which now spearheads the country’s wine exports, is thus celebrated in around fifty different countries on the initiative of Argentinean stakeholders. Once again, however, no event will be organised in the grape variety’s historic bastion of Cahors.

After suggesting in the past that the two regions come together for this world day, the Cahors wine marketing board UIVC has never tried to ‘gate-crash’ the event, even undercover! The marketing director of the UIVC, Jérémy Arnaud, now believes Malbec can enter a new phase where the creation of a truly global Malbec day would seem to be a no-brainer. “The Argentineans are writing a new page in Malbec’s long history and we thank them for that. Now it’s time to take a more holistic approach to the varietal, involving people, climates and wine regions”, he claims, stressing that work on a hierarchy for Cahors appellation wines – whereby the statements Causse and Vallée would be appended to labels – was very much in progress.

Jérémy Arnaud is therefore asking Argentinean exporters to open their event up to other wines. In his opinion, the straightforward equation between Argentina and Malbec is no longer relevant in the global marketplace. He says: “If we don’t understand that we must now join forces to promote the grape variety in all its diversity and not simply on a national basis, then we will not grasp the opportunity to turn Malbec’s notoriety into celebrity status”.


[ Source: Vitisphere. Photo: Wines of Argentina ]

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