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Press and public relations: Nantes wines earmark 500,000 €/year spend

Press and public relations: Nantes wines earmark 500,000 €/year spend
Par Vitisphere Le 09 mars 2016
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Press and public relations: Nantes wines earmark 500,000 €/year spend

n June 2015, Interloire announced at its AGM that it would be refocusing on its horizontal missions, including export communications, economic research and technical studies. As it would no longer be involved in promoting individual appellations, the various growers’ organisations have had to take over. In the Nantes wine region, the task has fallen to the Nantes wine federation (Muscadet, Gros Plant and Coteaux d’Ancennis) which has recruited François Robin, former head of the Nantes section of Interloire – who is very familiar with the issues involved – and created a special committee headed up by La Varenne wine grower, Olivier Martin.

The 600 or so wine growers, including 450 ‘real’ industry members, now have to pay a “trimmed down” levy of 2.5 euros per hectolitre of marketed wine to the regional marketing board, plus a levy charged by the Nantes wine federation of 1.45 euros per hectolitre of wine declared. “We will have a budget in the range of 500,000 to 550,000 euros”, points out Olivier Martin.

From a strategy perspective, things are clear. The federation will continue to roll out marketing activities along the same lines as those delivered by the marketing board for Nantes wines over the past few years, with the public its main target. “We will be continuing with the partnership arrangements that work well. For instance, we will again set up a Muscadet bar at the Hellfest in Clisson, and at the Zenith concert hall in Nantes, where we have already got 20 dates planned between now and next summer”, says the wine grower. “We have decided, however, not to keep the Loire wine centre on the Place du Commerce in Nantes which was run by Interloire and would have cost us too much in overheads. We are looking for a showroom for our wines in the heart of Nantes”. The aim is to encourage the people of Nantes to be the leading ambassadors of their local wines. Concurrently with this, wine tourism is another major strand of the promotional campaign. It involves pursuing existing initiatives, such as Muscadetours, Le Voyage in Nantes, but also creating a wine tourism centre at Château de la Frémoire in Vertou, the federation’s head office.


Source: Vitisphere; Photo: Interloire campaign for the Gros Plant du Pays Nantais appellation

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