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Vineyard and winery equipment: Sitévi closes for another two years

Par Vitisphere Le 02 décembre 2015
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Vineyard and winery equipment: Sitévi closes for another two years

udging from exhibitor comments, visitors that attended this year’s Sitévi show in Montpellier came with a positive mindset, buoyed by this year’s harvest. Such an upbeat mood bodes well for sales of equipment and manufacturers were already optimistic about post-show orders. “We are fairly confident about the start of 2016 and we don’t intend to deny ourselves the pleasure of contemplating a French market chock-full of projects”, stated Bernard Legrix de la Salle, the new communications manager for Bucher Vaslin. He pointed to “good attendance from people with projects who are asking for quick solutions so that they can receive grants from FranceAgriMer in 2016 and benefit from additional depreciation measures voted recently by the French parliament (Macron bill) on all equipment purchased before April 2016”. The same impression was felt in the vineyard equipment hall where wine growers seemed particularly inclined to invest between now and the end of the year. “We can see from the number of contacts, that these are not just people enquiring, they are asking detailed questions because they want to make a decision soon. We have had a lot of visitors with the firm intention of buying”, explained Philippe Loubière, marketing director of Pellenc, who stressed the “exceptional attendance” of the show.

However, his viewpoint is not shared at all by Caroline Patte, communications manager for the Charlois group (Saury cooperage). In terms of attendance, she claimed that “the first day was average, the second was madness and on the third day, there was nobody left”. Fabrice Plançon, director of Gai France, expressed the same reservations and referred to the 2015 show as “standard. We are satisfied but not over the moon. Some orders were placed but they were marginal and followed on from previous contacts. Ultimately, shows are expensive and the issue of return on investment remains a mystery”, he stated. Regarding the frenzy surrounding grant applications, he warned: “We don’t know how many politicians will still be in office in 2016. I am sure that the number of applications will be higher than the amount of money available…


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