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New planting quotas set for 2016

Par Vitisphere Le 29 juillet 2015
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New planting quotas set for 2016

t a July 15 meeting, the wine committee of intervention organisation FranceAgriMer confirmed quotas for new vine plantings in 2016. A total 7,657 hectares have been set aside, slightly less than individual applications for 7,900 ha, and have been divided into three categories. As per applications, the largest amount – 4,679 ha – has been earmarked for PGI plantings. This is significantly more than last year, when producers had “erred on the side of caution, not knowing how things would pan out with the new system”, explains Anne Haller of FranceAgriMer. Most of the new PGI planting quotas will affect Languedoc-Roussillon, South-West France and the Rhone Valley.

New plantings of appellation vineyards follow on from PGI, with a total 2,258 ha approved by the wine committee. For the first time ever, wines without a geographical indication have been eligible for the scheme: 720 ha have been approved, most of which are in Charente (400 ha). Interestingly, 11 ha were earmarked for regions that had never planted vineyards, such as Brittany.

This is only the first stage in the approval process as industry can only act in an advisory capacity. The ministry will need to confirm these recommendations legally, which is expected to happen over the coming weeks. There is every likelihood that the recommendations will be followed.


[Source: La Vigne-Vitisphere; Photo: Producteurs du Comtat nursery]

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