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International: Languedoc institute ICV partners with Argentina's FeCoVita

Par Vitisphere Le 02 juillet 2015
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International: Languedoc institute ICV partners with Argentina's FeCoVita

fter signing a trade agreement with Languedoc firm Val d’Orbieu, the co-operative winery union FeCoVita – Argentina’s leading wine producer – has penned a technical partnership agreement with the Co-operative Wine and Vine Institute ICV. Signed on June 22 in Maurin, near Montpellier, the framework contract paves the way for the structuring and creation of a collective analytical laboratory in Argentina. On a visit to Languedoc-Roussillon*, members of the Argentinean wine industry had been struck by the way ICV had pooled resources and saw this as a way of giving technological progress the boost needed during the current wine crisis. “Every [Argentinean] co-operative winery is now doing the best it can with limited resources. There are significant technical disparities between them and very little knowledge sharing, opening up new avenues for progress”, explained Olivier Merrien, managing director of the ICV group. ICV’s support mission will begin by establishing and organising the future collective wine making monitoring tool. The next step will be to upgrade winery techniques. “The project is not only a means of generating business, it is also informative for ICV and of benefit to our long-standing member clients. It will allow us to gain a better understanding of export markets and international competition”, added Olivier Merrien.

The five-year contract also fits within the roadmap drawn up by ICV administrators last April when it was decided to expand the institute’s consultancy activities abroad; this may ultimately lead to bases being established outside Languedoc-Roussillon, the Rhone Valley and Provence.

In 2013-2014, ICV posted turnover of 15.1 million euros – 71% of which was in Languedoc-Roussillon – and boasted 227 co-operative and 801 independent winery members.

FeCoVita accounts for 15% of Argentinean wine production and markets 3.5 million hectolitres, primarily in the domestic market. The co-operative union represents 5,000 wine growers over 25,000 hectares of vineyards in the provinces of Mendoza and San Juan, with 29 wineries in total.


* The close relationship between the two organisations was promoted by Joël Castany (chairman of the Leucate co-operative winery) as part of the Copa-Cogeca and the launch of an annual symposium of co-operative wineries; the latest symposium was held in Mendoza.


[Photo: Denis Verdier (Chairman of ICV) and Eduardo Sancho (chairman of FeCoVita and ACOVI) on June 22 in Maurin; ICV]

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