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Burgundy and biodynamics: Anne-Claude Leflaive passes away

Par Vitisphere Le 14 avril 2015
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Burgundy and biodynamics: Anne-Claude Leflaive passes away

he iconic Burgundy Chardonnay producer and figurehead of biodynamic wine growing, Anne-Claude Leflaive has passed away at the age of 59. Her sudden passing has sent shockwaves amongst lovers of the Côte de Beaune, said website Bourgogne Live. A trained wine maker, she became involved in management of Domaine Leflaive in 1990 before running the family property in 1994, on the death of her father, Vincent Leflaive. Her guiding principle was based on handing the estate down to future generations, which rapidly led her to convert to biodynamic wine growing. Hers was “an holistic vision of the vine, taking into consideration every component surrounding the plant, be it the soil, the plant, the surrounding air…” as she explained in the film ‘La Clef des Terroirs’.

Founded in 1905 in Puligny-Montrachet by her grandfather, Joseph Leflaive, the eponymous wine estate extends over 24 hectares under vine, including 5 classed as great growth and 11.5 as first growth. The company also boasts vineyards in the Mâcon area, with 9.3 ha in Mâcon-Verzé. An all-rounder with her roots in Puligny-Montrachet, Anne-Claude Leflaive also made a foray into Anjou in 2008, where she bought the ten-hectare Domaine Clau de Nell with Christian Jacques. She also tried her hand at wine tourism with Maison du Caroubier, a bio-climatic guesthouse offering a ‘slow-vine’ experience, and took part in the launch of the Wine & Terroir School in 2008. The school is a professional training organisation offering courses on biodynamic wine growing under topics such as ‘The Geothean approach’ in mid-April and ‘From agronomy to spirituality’ in mid-July.

Last year she became the first woman to be awarded the Winemakers’ Winemaker Award by the Institute of Masters of Wine.


[Source: Vitisphere; Photo of Anne-Claude Leflaive: Domaine Leflaive]

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