Accueil / / Limoux: Annual Toques et Clochers auction fetches €348,000

Limoux: Annual Toques et Clochers auction fetches €348,000

Par Vitisphere Le 09 avril 2015
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Limoux: Annual Toques et Clochers auction fetches €348,000

raditionally held on Palm Sunday, this year’s Toques et Clochers auction saw 104 barrels of Chardonnay go under the hammer for a sale result of 348,000 euros. The results were 38% down on last year, despite the number of barrels being just 2% lower than in 2014, reflecting a 30% fall in average prices. Event organiser since 1990, the Sieur d’Arques co-operative winery made short shrift of any alarmism. In fact, it claimed that the drop in average barrel prices – from €4,840 last year to €3,350 this year – is actually reassuring. “We do not want overly inflated prices”, confirms Sylvia Feraud, head of press and public relations at Sieur d’Arques. “It would just put customers off. This year we saw French clients returning to the auction and happy to be able to buy wines. Conversely, the Brazilians didn’t come, which explains why there wasn’t such a surge in prices”. The auction is managed by Sotheby’s and includes a charity section where proceeds from the sale of eight barrels will be used to fund renovation work on the Saint-Joseph bell tower. The patrons of this year’s sale were Champagne chef Arnaud Lallement and Swiss sommelier Paolo Basso. The 26th event of its kind, Toques et Clochers welcomed between 40,000 and 50,000 visitors for the gourmet food festival which kicked off on Saturday March 28 (20,000 wine glasses were used) and 800 members of the trade for the auction on Sunday March 30. Next year’s event takes place in March 2016 in Pomas, between Carcassonne and Limoux.


[Source: Vitisphere; Photos: Sieur d'Arques]

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