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Beaujolais: Gamay epitomises quest for liberty

Par Vitisphere Le 15 mars 2015
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Beaujolais: Gamay epitomises quest for liberty

n American investment fund, Third Leaf Partners, has launched a branded Beaujolais wine where the emphasis is not on the appellation but on the Gamay varietal. The revolutionary initiative is highlighted on the label which features the famous Delacroix painting, ‘Liberty Leading the People’. “We needed to find another role model, one that was more progressive and long-lasting, both for the investors and project stakeholders, i.e. the wine estates and wine makers”, explained Manoel Bouchet, co-founder of Bonnet Rouge, a Third Leaf subsidiary company, and co-manager of RMD Conseils consultancy in Beaune.

The Bonnet Rouge brand thus came about. It is the “freedom cap”, insists Manoel Bouchet, referring to the cap worn by Marianne on the ‘Liberty Leading the People’ painting by Delacroix which is the main label illustration. The firm is to produce three wines: Gamay noir, Cuvée Marianne (a blend of growths) and Régnié (at a later stage). The wines are made in Lancié, in temporary wine making facilities, or on individual estates following specifications.

Bonnet Rouge is primarily aimed at the restaurant trade for wine by the glass sales. It was launched on January 15 in the United States. It will also be marketed in Europe and Asia. The recommended retail price is €15 incl. VAT for the Gamay noir and €25 incl. VAT for the Cuvée Marianne. “We want to be a part of Beaujolais’ revival and offer a new sales model for the region”, claims Manoel Bouchet. “The idea is to revitalise the value chain, reintroduce normal pricing and, hopefully, trigger new vocations”.


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