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Ireland : recovery in wine consumption confirmed

Par Vitisphere Le 22 octobre 2012
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Ireland : recovery in wine consumption confirmed

n 2011 70 million litres of wine were imported in Ireland for a value of 226 million euros. The annual wine consumption has gone back up to the 2008 level (17 litres of wine per inhabitant). This recovery in consumption has occurred to the detriment of the value, with the average sale price of wine diminishing by 3.6% in 2011, stabilising at 7.48 euros per bottle.

New World wines dominate the Irish wine market with 70% of volumes consumed. Australia is at the head of exporting countries in terms of volume (26% of the market), followed by Chile (21 %) and France (13%). UbiFrance notes a slight decline in the Irish beer market (2.5 billion euros in 2011), to the benefit of the consumption of wine. However in 2011 the Irish alcoholic drinks market was still dominated by beer (48% of alcohol consulption).

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