Accueil / / Expert Opinon : Michèle de Cibeins (Château de Cabriac) : "German consumers are very open to enhancing their everyday life : wine should benefit from this trend"

Expert Opinon : Michèle de Cibeins (Château de Cabriac) : "German consumers are very open to enhancing their everyday life : wine should benefit from this trend"

Par Vitisphere Le 01 mars 2011
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Expert Opinon : Michèle de Cibeins (Château de Cabriac) :

he Château de Cabriac is situated in Corbières at the foot of the Montagne Noire, in the foothills of the Cevennes. Jean de Cibeins, the current owner, along with his wife Michèle, is the latest link in the chain to take over the running of the estate. They both have made it a point of honour to cultivate and produce their vines in a sustainable manner in order to protect the surrounding environment (find out more about Château de Cabriac, click here).

They will be attending the ProWein trade fair, held in Düsseldorf from 27 to 29 March, 2011, with WineAlley.

Are you already familiar with the German market and the ProWein trade fair?
Michele de Cibeins: "The German market is very large and diverse and thus difficult to know. It would be presumptuous of us to say we know it. We have some data. And this is the first time we go to Prowein. "

What do you expect from your participation in Prowein?
Michele de Cibeins: "What we do know about the German market is that our presence is insufficient for a market this size. Furthermore, we intend to reach buyers from other markets from Northern Europe as well as Switzerland, Austria and Eastern Europe. "

Would you say the German market has opportunities to offer to the wines from the Languedoc?
Michele de Cibeins: "Germany, a country of rigor and rationality, which has suffered greatly in the past. That past is still not forgotten, which causes a very specific attention of this market on the vagaries of life and the cost of living. Also, this country is clearly recovering from the crisis and its inhabitants may therefore seem more open to products that improve their everyday lives. Wine, as a synonym of friendliness, cheerfulness and good mood, should benefit from this trend. From this point of view then, the wines of Languedoc, whose quality no longer has to be demonstrated, are among the best placed to meet these criteria, their value is among the most attractive."

What are the benefits of your range you intend to put forward?
Michele de Cibeins: "The taste of the wine lover is not unique, fortunately. Our rich range of several vintages in both red wines and white wines can satisfy both aspects of taste by its price the expectation of many consumers. "

What is the breakdown of your sales between domestic and export market?
Michele de Cibeins: "70% of our sales are exported"

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