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Expert Opinion: Vacqueyras, an AOC success story

Par Vitisphere Le 14 janvier 2011
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Expert Opinion: Vacqueyras, an AOC success story

he winemakers of the AOC Vacqueyras in 2010 celebrated the twentieth anniversary of their AOC status. A look back over two decades can chart a way forward. In twenty years, the declared area grew from about 800 ha to almost 1500, the harvest of 30 000 to 45 000 hl and prices of around 170 € / hl to over 300 euros (2007-2008). In terms of marketing, 50% of the production was sold in bulk in 1990, nowadays 75% is in bottles, for which average prices have changed considerably: in supermarkets, bottles sold from 20 to 22 francs in 1994 cost between 6 and 7 euros today. In more traditional distribution,  bottles of Vacqueyras are sold over 8 euros, not to mention many prestige brands, which reach 25 euros.

The export has been an important vehicle for Vacqueyras's fame, with a share of sales by volume increased from 17 to 45%. This increase is due, according to some growers, to the fact that the wines of the Rhone and Vacqueyras are particularly in tune with the world taste for wines that are both fruity and powerful, as indicate the good rates distributed by Robert Parker (the which is consistent with the previous observation). Promotion campaigns overseas and press trips organized with Interrhône also helped. The budget for promoting the AOC was multiplied by 2.5 in twenty years.

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