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Claude Vialade's ambitions at the Domaines Auriol

Par Vitisphere Le 12 janvier 2011
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Claude Vialade's ambitions at the Domaines Auriol

former Val d'Orbieu colleague (Val d'Orbieu and Vignerons de la Mediterrannée are in the WineAlley Plaza), Claude Vialade has developped a sucessful wine merchant activity at the Domaines Auriol. She sales over 10 million bottles of wine every year, based on 75 partnerships with producers all over Languedoc. Her tailor-made wines should expand, as Domaines Auriol just recruited five new staff members :
- Nicolas RAGER joined the team to ensure quality control and optimize production and winemaking.
- In terms of market development, Emmanuel MEFFRE will be in charge of Germany and the Benelux; Yolan JAPHET, of the new Chinese office in Shanghai; Denis RATABOUL, of mass distribution; Jean-Claude PETARD's mission is to facilitate and increase sales on the French territory.
Claude Vialade, plans to increase its sales up to 14 million bottles of wine over three years. It plans to consolidate its 74 partnerships in Languedoc wines and launch new protocols with some Cotes du Rhone producers.

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