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Law : a wine merchant is required a warehouse

Par Vitisphere Le 04 janvier 2011
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Law : a wine merchant is required a warehouse

he status of "négociant en chambre" disappears from 1 January 2011. Under Gamm@, the European plan to let  accompanying documents go paperless, this French specificity can be maintained. The "négociant en chambre" is carrying on business without having a bonded warehouse for wines he buys and sells. The wines are sold directly at the property and removed for delivery to the customer without going through a bonded warehouse. The 485 French companies operating under this status have two choices if they want to continue their business:
- Establishing a warehouse ;
- Partner with an authorized warehouse, which will hold the products and act as an agent.
The other option is to abandon all tax status and to pursue business as a service provider, while a warehouse would delegate rights to use the Gamm@ procedure. French Customs mentionned they would be prepared to grant a delay to négociants undertaking these changes in order to better comply with the new regulation.

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