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A new image for Burgundy wines

Par Vitisphere Le 03 janvier 2011
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A new image for Burgundy wines

uring its general assembly last week, the intreprofessional committee for Burgundy wines (BIVB) approved measures to implement strategic plan Bourgogne 2015, including strategic directions had been validated by another general meeting of the Interprofessional last July. The goal is to make wines of Burgundy "the global reference of wines born from a sustainable viticulture", with 200 million impeccable bottles sold in 2015.
Such issues as market regulation, monitoring downstream quality, traceability for the consumer or involvement in sustainable development are included in the plan. Rapporteurs of the project note, however, that a most significant work has to be done regarding Burgundy wine reputation. In terms of quality, it is second to none, but, to quote from BIVB rapporteur Jean-Michel Aubinel, "it is crucial to disconnect "Burgundy" from "expensive". We're committed to producing wines of all ranges, accessible to all kinds of consumers, with the same quality requirements. "
The promotional work will be emphasized on five strategic export markets (USA, UK, Japan, Belgium and China) and emerging markets (Canada, Norway, Brazil, South Korea ...) and France.

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