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Burgundy : 150th wine auction at the Hospices de Beaune

Par Vitisphere Le 24 novembre 2010
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Burgundy : 150th wine auction at the Hospices de Beaune

he Hospices de Beaune wine auction took place on 21st November 2010 for the 150th year. A small crop caused a drastic reduction of the catalog, which held 643 wines of all colours, compared to 799 from the abundant 2009 vintage. Total sales, however represented 4,8 M€, not so far a result from the 2009 auction (5 M€). Prices have raised by 12,5 % for the rest and 15 % for the whites. The famous Charity Piece was sold at a record 400 000 € (last record was 200 000 € in 2006).

For several years the auction has attracted private buyers, and since last year, the maison Albert Bichot in Beaune has proposed that private buyers buy in bulk (order a minimum of 6 to 288 75cl bottles per item ; one item is a barrel of Burgundy which containes 228 litres of wine) via the website :

More than a site for bulk buying, is a medium of communication allowing private buyers to join in with the celebrations in the streets of Beaune and at the Hospices themselves thanks to photo and video uploads.

Enthusiasts could even follow the auction which was broadcasted live, as it was the year before. "We are going from a charity to user-friendly through hospitality, which are values associated with wine too", said Jean-David Camus for Albert Bichot, "Our aim is to bring the Hospices auction to life, it’s an incredibly appealing event belonging to Beaune, to its streets, to its houses and its Hospices. The Internet and social networking sites allow us to bridge the distance between dream and reality – for lovers of Burgundy wine the Hospices auction is a legendary event".

Top buyer at the Hospices de Beaune auction, in volume and value, the maison Albert Bichot also stood out for the variety of cuvées it was interested in (the maison intended to buy approximately 25 of the 45 cuvées up for auction). Four cuvées were selected to be put up for sale in bulk. Sometimes it cannot commit to the final price of the bottles, since it is an auction, as the maison Bichot sets a maximum price for each bottle and its buyers never exceed the limit set well in advance of the auction, studied each year, case by case, according to the cuvée. Moreover, the buyers benefit from the maison Bichot’s knowledge of the terroirs, the successes of the Burgundy 2010 vintage in general and of those particular cuvées.

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